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with fema. federal emergency management a jance to make sure that agency is ready to warn people in the path of the storm to prepare. >> my first message is to all people across the eastern seaboard, mid-atlantic, going north. that, you need to take this very seriously. and, follow the instructions of your state. and local officials. because they're going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with the storm over the coming days. >> the president left d.c. for florida where he has a campaign stop in orlando tomorrow morning. he will return to d.c. to monitor the storm here. >> the storm moving into our area. but the north carolina coastline is already been hit hard. the weather channel's julie martin reports now from outer banks in nags head, north carolina. >> we are continuing to take a beating here in the outer banks, in nags head, dealing with tropical storm force wind gusts since midnight of last night. a long duration storm. with that, we have seen localized flooding, some of the roadways, getting some ocean side flooding. and now, officials are concerned and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1